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Indigent Burial Policy and Indigent Burial Assistance

Whenever any person dies in Dougherty County, and the decedent family and immediate relatives are indigent and unable to provide for a decent interment, Dougherty County through the Department of Family and Children Services (DFACS) will provide Indigent Burial assistance in the amount of $1,000, Section 36-12-5 of the Georgia Code applies to the legal authority and obligation on the part of the County in bearing interment expenses of the indigent.

To apply for assistance, please contact:

Dougherty County DFACS
200 West Oglethorpe Boulevard
P. O. Box 3249
Albany, Georgia 31706-3249
(229) 430-3269

When the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) receives a request for burial, it will review the indigent status of the individual, as well as, the financial status of immediate family members according to the rules and regulations of the department. If indigence is authenticated, a Request for Indigent Burial Form is certified and forwarded to the County Clerk.

Before the Department of Family and Children Services contacts a funeral home, the Department allows the family of the decedent to identify or express a preference for a funeral home. If there are no family members with whom to communicate regarding the funeral home of choice, a funeral home is selected on a rotational basis from a list of volunteers maintained and updated by the Department of Family and Children Services. DFCS will make contact with the funeral home to determine if they will handle funeral arrangements for the County’s fee and provide information on the program standards and identifying information needed for the death certificate.

Revised December 3, 2018

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