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The visual appearance of our community could literally change overnight. Between dusk and dawn on any given day a neighborhood, business, or residence could undergo a transformation which, if no immediate action is taken, can ultimately have a profound impact on our entire community.

The agent of change is…


and it is on the increase.

What is Graffiti?

Graffiti is not a victimless crime, nor is it a form of art. Graffiti is the deliberate defacing of public and private property without the owner’s permission.

Graffiti Hurts

•Graffiti hurts every child, parent, business owner and taxpayer.

•Merchants lose business because customers feel the neighborhood is no longer safe.

•Graffiti vandals are at an increased risk of becoming involved in shoplifting or other criminal activities.

•When left untouched, graffiti sends the wrong message…we are no longer in control…we can not keep order in our community.

•Graffiti that is tolerated invites more of the same.


•Remove graffiti immediately from your property.

•Keep your property well lit, clean, and landscaped.

•Plant shrubs with prickly or thorny foliage near walls and fences.

•Join and/or organize a neighborhood watch.

•Discuss respecting public and private property with your children.

•Encourage merchants and neighborhood associations to contribute to the graffiti paint bank.

•Report all graffiti to the Albany Police Department at 431-3288 or to Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful at 302-3098.

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