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What to Recycle At the City Recycling Sites


Aluminum Cans
Please rinse. Unacceptable items include: scrap metal paint cans, automotive product cans, disposable aluminum pie plates, pie tins and aluminum foil. No tin or steel cans.

Please break down boxes. Unacceptable items include: cereal boxes, cracker boxes, etc.

Please rinse and remove lids and neck rings. Do not remove paper labels. Please separate green, brown, and clear glass food and beverage containers. Unacceptable items include light bulbs, plate glass, auto glass, mirrors, ceramics, or dishes.

Glossy magazines and catalogs only.

Any insert that comes in your newspaper is recyclable with your newspaper. Please keep dry.

Ni—Cd/Rechargeable Batteries
Ni-Cd’s are the power source in power tools, cellular phones, etc.

Please rinse containers and remove the lids. Only plastic soda bottles and clear milk jugs. Unacceptable items include plastic wrap, plastic bags, or other types and colors of plastic bottles.

Telephone Books
Telephone books are collected in March… check calendar for dates.

Paper Board
Box packaging that is found on grocery store shelves, such as a cereal boxes, a cracker boxes, cake mix boxes, beverage paperboard box, etc.

All types of electronics are accepted at the KADB office, Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. and during a one day event held in September (check calendar of events for date).

Meredyth Site Only – Shredded and non-shredded office paper
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